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Abdominal Massage (Nabhi Abhyanga)

45min   £50

This massage helps to balance the NabhiMarma – the vital centre where all 72,000 nadis (subtle energy pathways) converge and most of the important organs such as stomach, diaphragm, colon, liver, pancreas etc are situated.

Ayurveda says that all ailments result from an imbalance in the abdominal area. It’s therapeutic massage works on nabhi marma or energy points around the abdomen with specific strokes by using Ayurvedic oils depends on body type.

Strengthens the power of digestion and absorption and facilitates the release of deeply seated emotions .Relieves digestive symptoms such as irritable bowel, flatulence, poor appetite,constipation and abdominal discomfort.

This massage is deeply relaxing and uplifting help to tone the abdominal area – great during the postnatal period, improves the circulation of digestive fluids and assists in weight loss around the stomach area.

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