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Aphrodisiac Therapy

Vajikarana Therapy
(Aphrodisiac- for men only)

60min   £90

Vajikarana, is one of the eight major specialties of Ayurveda. which make a man sexually as strong as a horse.  In Vajikarana therapy special kind of ayurvedic herbs and oils are used to balance sexual ckakra. And prescribes the therapeutic use of various aphrodisiacs and tonic preparations for enhancing the reproductive capabilities and vigor of men while strengthening the body and overall well-being.

Procreation and recreation are the two uses of vajikarana, which include gratification, positive sexual health, healthy progeny and instant pleasure. Vajikarana increases desire and power to hold it for long, enhances performance, and improves physical and psychological health. Therefore vajikarana is must for all those partners going to start the sexual life and who wishes to continue the sexual life in a better way. Course of treatments recommended for good results.

This therapy rejuvenates and nourishes male reproductive system and helps to increase sperm count and sperm motility. It increases body energy level and retards ageing process, men who undergo this therapy look attractive and never get tiered, advised in erectile dysfunction, low libido, premature ejaculation and male infertility.

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