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Dr Swapna Jolly

Dr. Swapna Jolly  BAMS

Dr. Swapna Jolly, wife of Dr.Majosh Jolly also an Ayurvedic practitioner & Yoga teacher from Kerala. She graduated in Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) degree from Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science, India.

Dr. Swapna been honoured AYURVISHARADA AWARD by world renowned Himalaya herbal Healthcare.

Dr. Swapna has more than 13  years of experience as an Ayurvedic practitioner and Teaching Yoga for the 13 years.

She worked as a residential medical officer in Vinayaka Ayurveda Nursing Home (First Ayurvedic back bone clinic in Kerala) from where she trained in keraleeya pancha karma therapies, Cervical and lumbar manipulations.

Prior to moving to England Dr.Swapna  Offered three years of Ayurvedic services at Luthan Health Spa ,Riyadh, a Luxurious Royal Spa Owned By HRH Princesses From Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

Dr.Swapna specialised in Ayurvedic holistic pregnancy and child care programmes which includes Ayurvedic monthly dietary & regimen advices for pregnant women, pregnancy massage, specially designed Ayurvedic yoga, meditation and breathing techniques for pregnant women and Ayurvedic baby massage.

She is also specialised in cooking delicious and tasty Authentic Ayurvedic food with balanced nutrients and spices corresponding to your specific Doshas (body types). This is easy to digest and give you maximum prana-life energy.

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