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Nabhi Basthi

Nabhi Basthi/ Chakra Basti (Digestion Improvement & Emotional Release)

40min   £60

Basti means to stay in place inside, or that which is retained.  Nabhi means Navel. Basti given on Navel area is called as Nabhi basti helps to balance the Nabhi Marma – the vital centre where all 72,000 nadis (subtle energy pathways) converge.

In this therapy a dough ring is formed on the navel area made from urad flour (white lentil). Warm medicated oil is poured in that it to create like a pool. When the oil cools down it is squeezed out with the help of cotton cloth and warm oil is poured again and gentle massage given over the area. This procedure is repeated couple of times as per severity of symptoms.

In Chakra Basti, the warm medicated oil is used to bathe the naval region or Solar Plexus chakra.. This is responsible for emotional balance and self love.

Benefits of Nabhi Basthi

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