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Ayurveda Consultation

Ayurvedic Wellness Consultation

One to one detailed consultation

60min   £90    Follow up 30min   £50     

A short Life style consultation is free with our Ayurvedic treatments.

Ailments can be treated effectively, only if properly diagnosed. No two person’s diseases or symptoms can be alike. Therefore medicines have to be specially prepared to treat an individual’s ailment. No single medicine can be a cure for all patients suffering from a particular disease.

As the treatment approach in Ayurveda is strictly individualistic, the treatment of the same disease varies from person to person. Hence along with the disease, the diseased also should be thoroughly assessed. It is also important to assess the health in a normal person to prevent the occurrence of diseases.

We offer comprehensive Ayurvedic Personal Consultations with our highly qualified Ayurvedic Practitioners prior to any treatment . This includes,

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