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Ayurveda For Children

Ayurveda for Children

It is a great treasure to have a child who brings fame, pride, prosperity, beholds righteousness and continuity of human race. The care of a child begins with the health of the parents.  So the Balachikitsa( one among the eight disciplines of Ayurveda, dealing with child care ) has been given much importance from the Vedic period itself.

Ayurveda says the importance of Neonatal and paediatric care for the proper physical, mental , emotional ,relational,  intellectual and spiritual development of the child till sixteen years of age.

The best child development imaginable happens when children grow in the context of a loving, healthy and empowered family.

Parents’ participation in the development of children is very important. The program does not diminish the crucial role of parents in their responsibilities to their children, but rather assists and encourages parents in bringing up their children.

Green Ayurveda Child Development program strongly encourages parent participation in all aspects of the development of their children.We  offer private consultations, school and group presentations for parents and teachers  groups.

Green Ayurveda child development program includes,

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