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Are you are looking to de-stress, detox, rejuvenate, increase your fitness and health, seek spiritual tranquility with Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation, address a specific health concern, get motivated to lose weight, we have the perfect retreat for you.

Our selection of Ayurveda Wellness and Yoga retreats helps in reducing stress and anxiety, improve your mood, boost immune function, promote longevity, reduce weight gain and allow you to maintain overall health and well-being.

We also offer tailored retreats; contact our Ayurveda Doctors/wellness experts, who will give you unbiased advice on how to tailor the right program for your individual needs.

Induction to AyurVeda, Yoga and Meditation during Retreats

Every retreat at Green Ayurveda begins with a complimentary herbal tea of your choice. Then one of our Ayurvedic Doctor will give an induction to AyurVeda, Yoga,  Meditation and information on your tailored retreat program.

AyurVeda is an ancient Indian holistic system of healing that works on the principle that, with a balanced lifestyle, human beings’ life expectancy should be prolonged.  Apart from helping to attain longevity AyurVedic practice is often used to treat; fatigue, insomnia, arthritis, heart disease, rheumatism, asthma, allergies, digestive problems, mental & cerebral ailments, weight control and joints & muscular aliments.

The word AyurVeda is a combination of two Sanskrit words
Ayur = Life   Veda = Knowledge / Science

AyurVedic Consultation during Retreats

AyurVeda recognises that our cosmic energy consists of three component energy ‘Doshas’; Vata, Pitta and Kapha.  Each person has a unique pattern featuring different levels of the three Doshas; one primary and the other two less prominent. Before using AyurVedic remedies it is important to find out your primary or dominant Dosha.  Good health relies on our ability to keep the Vata, Pitta and Kapha levels in harmonic balance.

AyurVedic Therapis during Retreats

Through out the retreats, you will be personally under the guidance of an Ayurvedic Doctor & Yoga Teacher (from Kerala); The doctors & Ayurveda Therapists from Kerala will be doing your Consultations, treatments, Yoga, Meditations, pranayama, counselling, dietary advices etc.

Detox / De-stress / Rejuvenating AyurVedic Therapies like Abyangham, SiroDhara, Kizhi, Nasyam etc will be selected depending upon your consultation. We give priority to your Body & Mind detox and cleansing. The ratio of the cleansing needed for your body, mind or soul can be determined only after the consultation.

Yoga and Meditation during Retreats

AyurVedic principles consider Yoga and Meditation to be complimentary science for healing and the rejuvenation of mind and body. Whilst AyurVeda focuses on treatment (Chikitsa) of the mind and body; Yoga and Meditation supplements the process through self-development and self-realisation (Sadhana).

Yoga constitutes of Asanas or body postures; scientifically prescribed to stretch, exercise and stimulate parts of the body to provide holistic healing. The primary purpose of Asanas is to bring balance and harmony to the five basic elements that govern the body. It is the balance of these elements that ensures good health, wellbeing and longevity.  Yoga, through Asanas and breathing, provides one with a recognisable interaction and connection between one’s body and mind.

Nutrition and Diet during Retreats

The AyurVedic Lunch is based on recipes from Kerala, India. The recipes will use herbs and spices specially imported from Kerala to enhance the holistic value of your Retreat programme.

AyurVeda teaches us that vital energy is present in fresh vegetables and fruits. Fresh vegetables contain Prana energy which helps to boost the immune system and sense of vitality. AyurVeda states that it is best to have different types of food every day, in order to keep your digestive system healthy.

Try to include different grains, fruits, vegetables, proteins and flavours.  Always include six flavours in your daily diet:

  • sweet
  • sour
  • salty
  • bitter
  • astringent (harsh)
  • pungent

Flavour your food with Chutneys or fruit based sauces.  Use turmeric, black pepper, cumin seeds, mustard seeds, dill seeds, fennel seeds in food preparations when possible.

The following contradictory food combinations is said to weaken one’s immune system, and should therefore be avoided:

Milk and fish
Milk and sour fruits
Milk and eggs
Ghee and honey
Milk and pickles
Milk and yogurt
Hot water and honey
Banana and yogurt
Hot milk and honey

Drinking lot of coffee, tea and caffeinated soft drinks creates Dosha imbalances. It affects the liver and increases toxin levels in the body. Drink more fresh milk, herbal tea, and energy drinks with herbs and spice to increase your energy levels.  When thirsty drink hot water rather than cold water, as it cleanses your digestive tracts.

Food allergies and intolerances : Some of our dishes contain allergens like milk, mustard, sesame, and celery. We will be able to alter the cooking without allergens if required. Please speak to our staff about the ingredients in your meal when you are ordering or while Ayurveda consultation.

Comfort & Accommodation
(Coniston Green Self-Catering Holiday Home)

Coniston Green was originally Dr Jollys family home in Wetherby, and we decided to develop it into a high luxury Wellness holiday home. The accommodation offers guests a tranquil, rejuvenating home-away home experience. The rooms are spacious, airy, and peaceful, all tastefully decorated. In the bedrooms we have top quality mattresses, white cotton bedding and luxury soft furnishings. Large soft towels, bathmats, hand towels and tea towels are also provided.

Kitchen is fully equipped with every modern convenience, including electric and microwave ovens, Gas hob, refrigerator, Fridge freezer, dishwasher, washer/dryer, and ironing facilities. We want it to be a magical place where more and more fantastic memories continue to be made by all our guests. Coniston Green is suitable for children of all ages.
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Price: On request

Green Ayurveda Spa treats food and food hygiene with the utmost of respect.

Please Let Us Know… …If You Have Any Food Allergies Or Intolerances? Our Helpful Team Will Offer You A Suitable Alternative.

Some of our dishes contain allergens like milk, mustard, sesame, and celery. We will be able to alter the cooking without allergens if required. Please speak to our staff about the ingredients in your meal when you are ordering or while Ayurveda consultation.

Therefore, in order to assist us in protecting all those who possess a food intolerance and/or a food allergy, please take a few moments to identify with each of the 14 major allergens outlined below, (along with some examples of where they can be found): –

  1. Celery
    This includes celery stalks, leaves, seeds and the root called celeriac. Celery can be found in celery salt, some salads, some meat products, soups and in stock cubes.
  1. Cereals Containing Gluten
    Wheat, such as spelt and Khorasan wheat/Kamut, rye, barley and oats are often found in foods containing flour, such as some types of baking powder, batter, breadcrumbs, bread, cakes, couscous, meat products, pasta, pastry, sauces, soups and fried food having been dusted with flour.
  1. Crustaceans
    Crabs, lobster, prawns and scampi are crustaceans. Shrimp paste, often used in Thai and south-east Asian curries or salads, is an ingredient to look out for.
  1. Eggs
    Eggs are often found in cakes, some meat products, mayonnaise, mousses, pasta, quiche, sauces and pastries or foods brushed or glazed with egg.
  1. Fish
    You will find this in fish sauces, some pizzas, relishes, salad dressings, stock cubes and in Worcestershire sauce.
  1. Lupin
    Although Lupin is a flower it is also found in flour. Lupin flour and seeds can be used in some types of bread, pastries and even in pizzas.
  1. Milk
    Milk is a common ingredient in butter, cheese, cream, milk powders and yoghurt. It can also be found in foods brushed or glazed with milk and in powdered soups and sauces.
  1. Molluscs
    These include mussels, land snails, squid and whelks, but can also be commonly found in oyster sauce or as an ingredient in fish soups and stews.
  1. Mustard
    Liquid mustard, mustard powder and mustard seeds fall into this category. This ingredient can also be found in breads, curries, marinades, meat products, salad dressings, sauces and soups.
  1. Nuts
    Not to be mistaken with peanuts, (which are actually a legume and grow underground) instead this ingredient refers to nuts which grow on trees, like cashews nuts, almonds and hazelnuts. You can find nuts in breads, biscuits, crackers, desserts, nut powders, often used in Asian curries, stir-fry dishes, ice cream, marzipan (almond paste), nut oils and sauces.
  1. Peanuts
    Peanuts are actually a legume and grow underground, which is why they are sometimes referred to as a groundnut. Peanuts are often used as an ingredient in biscuits, cakes, curries, desserts, sauces, (such as satay sauce) as well as in groundnut oil and peanut oil.
  1. Sesame Seeds
    These seeds can often be found in bread, sprinkled on bread rolls, burger/hamburger buns, humous, sesame oil and tahini. They can also be found toasted and used in salads.
  1. Soya
    Often found in bean curd, edamame beans, miso paste, textured soya protein, soya flour or tofu. Soya is a staple ingredient in oriental food. It can also be found in desserts, ice cream, meat products, sauces and vegetarian products.
  1. Sulphur Dioxide
    Also known as sulphites. This is an ingredient often used in dried fruit such as raisins, dried apricots and prunes. You might also find it in meat products, soft drinks, vegetables as well as in wine and beer. If you have asthma, you have a higher risk of developing a reaction to sulphur dioxide.

Please note, when pre-ordering/booking any of our supplements, it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you notify us if you have any of the above-known allergens.

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