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Green Ayurveda offer a wide range of specialities by professionally qualified & well experienced Ayurvedic doctors & therapists from Kerala, India.

Chakras are associated with our physical, mental and emotional interactions.
The Kundalini is a very powerful, intense and healing form of energy
A combination of chakra balancing massage, shirodhara and healing mantras.
Experience the healing powers of this detoxifying therapy dating back 5000 years in India!
Stimulates vital foot marma points that correspond to all organ systems.
This therapy is unique, safe and effective
This therapy helps to rejuvenates and nourishes male reproductive system
This massage is deeply relaxing, harmonizes, detoxifies, strengthens and revitalizes the entire body
A synchronised oil massage with steam bath.
A massage using special blend of Ayurvedic oils for stimulating marma (vital points)
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