We have a wide range of therapies available

Recommended for anxiety, insomnia, mental stress, depression, headache and lack of memory
Kizhi is one of the signature treatments in Ayurveda
Medications that are administered via the nasal passages (nasya) affect the mind
Karna Puranam is the process of healing ear problems with warm herbal oils
Basti means to stay in place inside, or that which is retained
Netra Basti is the traditional Ayurvedic eye care therapy
Helpful in all lower back problem including acute and chronic back pain
Relives pain & stiffness in knee joint, knee arthritis.
Pizhichil is one of the top rejuvenation oil massage from Kerala
A rejuvenating and nourishing treatment from Kerala
Basthi therapy removes deep seated toxins from colon
Swedanam reduces stiffness, relaxes the mind and body, promotes over all well being
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