We have a wide range of massages available

You will be pampered from head to toe during this blissful treatment.
This massage is especially helpful for those involved in sports, dance and martial arts
Helps to heal deep seated emotions, uplifting energy and for over all wellbeing.
This special massage helps the Lymphatic system to drain the waste from the body.
Our popular massage of the head, neck, shoulders & face.
Therapeutically recommended for arthritis, prolapsed disc, sciatica and lumbar spondylitis.
This massage revitalizes the weight bearing part of body.
This massage is deeply relaxing and uplifting help to tone the abdominal area.
Simple, natural and effective anti ageing massage techniques.
Provides fast and long lasting relief from sinus headaches, sinus pressure and pains.
This massage is safe and wonderful way to relax, increase your energy and relieves discomfort.
Promotes muscle healing and spinal alignment, help you rehabilitate abdominal muscles and skin.
Helps to cleanse and promote the breakdown of fatty deposits.
We always enjoy creating a special and relaxing space for you and your baby.
Unsure about which treatments might be suitable for you? Call our team on 01937 541177

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